Real Estate ServicesBuyer - It’s important to have a real estate agent who you can trust to look out for your best interests when buying a home. We will help you navigate through the complex real estate networks that consists of public listing websites to proprietary agent-exclusive listing services. We will help educate you through the process of finding a home to closing the deal. It’s the human element that sets us apart in truly understanding your needs.

Seller - Selling a property can be a complex process that requires a fair share of research, marketing, networking, and strong negotiation. Our team of agents can assist you in marketing and setting the right price for your property based on research and market trends. We will guide you trough the process of preparing your property for sale to closing the deal. We negotiate the best possible price, make fair negotiations, ensure that deadlines are met, review documents and arrange legal representation if needed.

MLS Listings - Whether you're buying or selling a home, you're likely to hear the term MLS, which stands for Multiple Listing Service. The MLS is a platform used by real estate agents and brokers to share information about properties for sale and find available listings for prospective buyers. We can list your property on this platform so real estate agents and brokers throughout the country from offices large and small can see your property listing.

Professional Photography - We include professional photography services for real estate properties. Real estate photos taken by a professional photographer can significantly help the property listing sell faster and for more money to a prospective buyer.

Relocation Services - Moving to another state? We can help assist you with relocating to your new home. This includes moving, packing and shipping household goods, short-term or long-term storage, vehicle shipment, transportation expenses, and temporary housing placement.

Investment Sales - Capital Real Estate Brokerage provides consulting, execution and investment management services to clients engaged in buying, selling, building, financing or investing in commercial real estate. We can help you acquire an investment property by determining your investment goals and objectives, position the investment to meet your goals, consistently monitor the market for new opportunities, and explain every step of the process to ensure you’re needs are being fulfilled. We can assist you from finding the right property to closing the deal.

Renovation - Need to renovate your home for the purpose of selling or you bought a home that needs renovating. We can find a contractor that best suits your needs.

Rental Properties - If you are just looking to rent a property, we can help. We can assist in finding a rental property that best fits your needs.

Commercial Property - Our team of experienced professionals can help clients maximize the value of their property. We help identify quality tenants through establishing leasing guidelines, find tenants who meet those guidelines and negotiate the best terms. We have extensive experience in planning, negotiating and structuring complex real estate transactions.

Title Service Referrals - We can help you with finding a good reliable title company so you can be aware of any existing liens or claims against the property, easements, encroachments, and past issues with the title to ensure a non-problematic transfer of the property rights.

Marketing - We market Residential and Commercial properties to maximize the immediate potential for a sale. We will help you get the word out about your property to potential buyers. We will ensure maximum exposure for the property by building a robust digital presence and use advertising and marketing campaigns on social media platforms as well as Real Estate Information Systems.